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“Dance Triangle” – The Theory (part 1 of 5)

If growth is aspiration, hard work is inevitable. But, have we overlooked something on the way?

I am growing my perspective. Perspectives are directly proportional to our creativity. Being into the world of Dance, I understand that variation in perspective helps us to develop better ability to ‘think and learn’. The fuel to my dance is knowledge. I learn everyday. Apart from the time when I dance, I learn from my daily activities and emotions. It takes time to understand this phenomenon, because our activities, emotions and thoughts get printed in our unconscious mind, which start reflecting in our movements, as we grow.  

My knowledge and understanding so far, has brought me to a theory, which I name as “Dance Triangle”. This concept came across my mind every time I dance and pushed me to a repetitive analyse of what I have been observing. This is in grassroots level, yet I feel pleasure to share with you all in such an initial stage of my study. 

As the word triangle defined, the most basic and simplest shape in geometry with three vertices and three lines. Triangle is also known as the most stable form or shape. The absence of any single vertex will transform the shape into a line and the shape will no longer exist. Thus, this concept has got me into a comparison in the context of Dance to understand its basics.

The three vertices stand for three primary elements of Dance. Absence of any single element will make dance impossible, like the vertices in the triangle. When I say primary elements, this implies, three primary questions that make the triangle the foundation to Dance. The three basic questions are: HOW – WHAT – WHY. And the three vertices of the dance triangle are: 

1. Body [body decides how to Dance] 

2. Mind [mind decides what to Dance] 

3. Space [space decides the purpose of Dance] 

The Dance Triangle

The idea behind this theory is to acknowledge the very basic reasons which make us capable of dancing. Along the way, there are numerous theories and studies about dance but it is important to be aware of the facts so that we respect and take care of them. 
It will give me a sense of accomplishment if this helps anyone who wants to understand and connect to Dance, better. 
Cont’d. Part 2 of 5 (the Body). 

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