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“Dance Triangle” – The Body (part 2 of 5)

Body – one of the three vertices of the dance triangle, as mentioned in the previous blog.

Body decides HOW to Dance. There is a core medium for every art form, through which, the art is performed. To understand this better, let’s take few examples. If Singing is art, throat is medium ; similarly, music – instruments (respectively) ; painting – painting tools ; sculpture – material ; acting – body ; architecture – structure ; etc. Similarly, if dance is the art, body is the medium. Dance doesn’t really exist without body.

So now, as we understand the role of body in dance, let’s discuss how it functions in creating art. Talking about dance, I would put forward my definition of Dance. In a very simple and short manner, I define Dance as the creativity of movements that expresses. But the meaning and definition of Dance varies with respect to individual.

Our body is extremely dynamic and what makes it dynamic is its “shape”. So our next keyword is shape. Let’s see few basic shapes and their transformations to other shapes.

Shape and their Transformations – Example

On the same lines, the human body can create indefinite shapes, what we call as poses. To sum up our discussion from above, the art in dance is about creating poses, movements, the connection between them, connecting them internally and externally and expressing.

Cont’d. part 3 of 5 (the Mind)

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