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Online Classes



“Dance and Fitness at your home now.

Stay home, dance and stay fit.”

Now experience our Studio-like Dance Classes at your home, with the help of Online Classes. We have both regular and personal classes available. The classes are designed so that each can learn dance in their own available space and time. The class quality and format are taken care of with revised techniques and styles with the support of highly qualified instructors.



Beginners: Sat & Sun – 10 to 11am

Intermediate: Sat & Sun – 11 to 12pm


Beginners: Sat & Sun – 12 to 1pm

Intermediate: Mon & Tue – 8:45 to 9:45am


Beginners: Mon & Wed – 6 to 7pm

Improvers: Sat & Sun – 5 to 6pm


Beginners: Sat & Sun – 5 to 6pm

Intermediate: Sat & Sun – 6 to 7pm

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Beginners: Sat & Sun – 10 to 11am



Upto 12 years: Sat & Sun – 6 to 7pm


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