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Dance Styles


Contemporary is ‘modern’. Contemporary dance is derived from earlier known as “Modern Dance”. This dance form has originated since late 19th century from the parts of the United States and the Europe. It is developed on the philosophy of “break the rules”. It has been developed by many legends with various experiments, techniques and styles over the years. The dance form roots from the techniques of Ballet. With the time and in different parts of the world, Contemporary Dance has evolved more as an experimental and creative form of dance that also combines other classical dance styles in it.

Contemporary Dance at Akram Dance Company : “We EXPERIMENT and CREATE movements based on the movements within and around us”.


Mayurbhanj Chhau is originated from the Eastern parts of India, Odisha. Originally, this dance form was practiced as martial art which also evolved by the warriors in the kingdom of Mayurbhanj. Over the decades, the warrior movements have been gradually transformed into dance form to maintain and practice the movements which also began to  grow as local entertainment. The dance form developed with the time which included movements influenced from the nature, animals and also the daily household work of the women. Hence, the techniques are strongly grounded to the folk, tribal and warrior style of Mayurbhanj.


BollyHop Dance is a form that includes HipHop elements, freestyle with Bollywood style.


This is a form of exercise that involves making our body muscles flexible with various ways of stretches and contractions. It is extremely beneficial for good blood low, fresh oxygen flow, joint mobility, body and mind health, muscle and joint strength. It eventually keeps our body fit and active and a ‘happy lifestyle’. 

Special Flexibility Program for Professional Dancers.

Pic 1HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is based on Body Weight Exercises. These exercises help in body toning, muscles and joint strengthening, increasing body speed, fat loss, improve metabolism and immune system. It program also includes basic nutrition and diet guidance.

IMG_20181209_204914_939KIDS’ BATCH:

Dance is an education. It is always advantageous when trained at the early age. The body is more adaptable towards the movements and body flexibility. 


This program is design for people who want to pursue  dance as a career and become a performing artist, choreographer and dance faculty.

This is a “Certified Course”.

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