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“Dance Triangle” – The Mind (part 3 of 5)

Mind – the next vertex of the triangle. In the previous blog, we discussed about the role and significance of body in performing dance. Here, we will elaborate on the role of mind in dance, as mind decides, what to Dance. Although it is not difficult to imply that nothing is performed without our mind, so is dance.

Mind carries out the task of observation, understanding, learning, creation and delivery. Apart from the above, our mind allows our inner desire and the chaos let out through our body. As discussed in the previous blog, dance is the art of expressive movements, mind is the source of channelling the various feelings.

Our body moves constantly for various reasons and purposes as a part of our daily routine. But we do not tag them as dance. What makes the movements called dance, is when we allow the Body to express itself for its own reason. When the mind wants to convey through our body, it depicts certain emotion, message, story. Thus, this depiction is an art of the amalgamation of mind and body.

Cont’d part 4 of 5 (The Space)

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  1. What a deep realisation on dance. ‘Dance Triangle’ a perfect balance of Body & Mind, great writing. Salute.

  2. ‘Body, Mind, Space’ the Dance Triangle, what a great realisation and great writing. Salute.

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