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Let the Body “Lead” (part 2)

Continuing from our previous post, where we discussed about the journey of our body to learn and execute  movements, we reach to a point where body adapts faster and mind is supportive. We are aware that dance is an expressive form of art, which implies that, our emotions, which we are reluctant and unable to express, otherwise, are released through our dance. Our body expresses emotions without the need of words. Therefore, just dance makes us happy, even without learning it and even without knowing the techniques, lessons, etc. This release of emotion is perceived as “feel”. That means, we enjoy dance when we feel it and we are able to express. Expression is subjective and variable of purpose of Dance.

But, as we get into the training and gaining knowledge, we keep our feel aside and focus completely on learning. So, as mentioned earlier, a phase where our training is reasonably sufficient to execute the movements, apply our techniques in the dance, it is then we start feeling these movements individually, the connection between the movements, sequence of the movements and dance as a whole. The ‘feel’ as the word means, is about those different emotions in our mind, which are conceived from our own experience and activities around us in our everyday life. Our training and knowledge, reflect our emotions through movements. This collaborative action is called as performance. Hence, movement without feel is equally incomplete as movement without techniques, to be defined as dance.

Let your body lead you in Dance, for your mind.

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  1. Excellent writing. You understand dance so deeply, your expression reaches us like a picture. I am proud of you. Keep on writing. God bless you.

    – Papa

    • Thank you so much ?. I feel delighted to express my experience and make it an experience for others.

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