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Dance is my…. Passion? The “Passion” (Part 2)

The question that struck me is :

“Can you be without dance”? Pause and think about it.

When we imagine us at the age of 70;

– Can we afford to look back at our days without dance?
– Can you spend your days without dance?
– Can you live without dance?

When your answer is, NO, you need to think about it little more. Is it passion then? Because the answer demands a justification and that begins with our attitude towards dance.
It is our attitude and priority that make us what we become as a dancer. We must be disciplined and committed towards our learning. Being passionate doesn’t mean dancing and following dance all day. All these are routine and part of our work. So let’s try to understand more about this.
It is when we respect dance and anything, directly or indirectly related to Dance, it reflects passion.
It is when any small or large thing about dance makes a difference to us, it reflects passion.
It is when we are never satisfied with gaining knowledge, it reflects passion.
It is when discipline and struggle become joyful, it reflects passion.
It is when peace and restlessness are parallel in our mind, it reflects passion.
It is when the limit fails to stop us, it reflects passion.
The more we dive in, the deeper we want to go. The priority remains constant and hunger keeps chasing. So before we say “Dance is my passion”, we have these simple questions to answer, honestly.

One doesn’t have to do anything to become passionate and reflect ‘passion’. It is Passion that makes us Passionate.

Samhita Chaudhuri (Executive Director)

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  1. Wow sam.. I just loved this!! We often see people misusing the word “passion”…
    There is nothing wrong in it, everybody has their own perspective, but reading this article definitely makes one dig deeper and understand the true value of it.
    Also, the last statement was the best.. :):)
    You don’t really have to do anything for you to be passionate, your passion itself ensures that. ??????

    • Thank you pavithra ?. Yes, I often observe this and the word holds me everytime it comes across my ears. This is just what I have been experiencing so I thought I would share my opinion on this.

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