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Dance is my…. Passion? The “Passion” (Part 1)

Dance is my passion. This is a simple and common statement. What we are looking at, is the complexity in it. It is quite easy, rather trendy to say – dance is my passion. But do we really understand what passion or even dance mean? When we say this word, passion, we certainly know it is more than just hobby. What makes it different then?  The answer to this question is subjective and may not be concluded because there are many questions, opinions, views, explanations, to discuss on this. So then how do we justify the use of the word, passion.  Ask yourself –

– To what extent do I like dance

– What can I do for dance

– What can I do to dance

– What do I think of dance

– What is my limit for dance

– Is it my hobby

Many more such questions may follow.  One question that struck me when I asked myself is.. (contd. Part 2)

– Samhita Chaudhuri (Executive Director)

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  1. Though I can not make simple rhythmic step, but I find every word of the blog is rhythmic. Hats off to your passion.

    • Thank you Sambaran… Looks difficult for me but dance will be alive till the world ends ??

  2. It’s a true expression of honest soul I must say & it reminds me of Martha Graham’s quote .. “Dance is hidden language of soul”

    Another very simple quote by Lynda Barr .. “Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all”

    Both quotes are quiet significant & contradictory but the true essence of both is love & enjoy what you do .. keep going buddy ..

    • I am surprised to see your awareness about Martha Graham and Lynda Barr… But this apart, thank you prasad for your valuable comment and understanding the essence of it. ? ?

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