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Dance is an Education

We all know dance is a form of art. Whereas, very few people or institute recognize dance or even art, as an education, which is not just a hobby. This is equally required to be performed like an academic curriculum with discipline.
Dance is not only about movements and music, it involves a study and execution of many subjects. To name a few, body anatomy, understanding of movements, and music, rhythm, exercises, diet, expression and reflections, space, history of Dance and artists, techniques, social issues etc.
If performance is to be compared, it is the tip of the iceberg, which we see. What is below it, makes it what it is. We must develop the ability to look beyond and learn the foundation and structure of a performance. There are many artists and performances, what makes them great is the attitude towards the art.

– Samhita Chaudhuri (Executive Director)

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