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Let the Body “Lead” (part 1)

Lead your body to Dance until your body leads you in Dance.

I am a dancer now. When can we be confident about this statement. The fact that learning never stops, makes it blurred to underline this statement that “I am a dancer”. Dance is a journey and it is all about feeling and living it. It begins when we put our first step forward and ends with the end of our soul and, “body”.

As we start learning, we put our body and mind in the continuous process of training. Observations, understanding and executions, these become our learning process. During this phase, there is no space for our body and mind to even feel the flow of Dance. We are always training hard, like babies, struggling to learn everything possible around them.

As we progress, we now realise that it is not over with executing the movements and carrying out the steps correctly with right techniques, it is about ‘performing’. There is a difference between execution and performance. And the maturity is partly about bridging that gap. Along the way, we reach to a point where our body and mind start coordinating and are trained enough to start leading us in dance. It is now that we lead our body less and body leads us more taking us to the next level, called as “feel and perform”. (cont’d. Part 2).

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  1. So true…as a dance enthusiast, couldn’t agree more to the thoughts expressed here ?
    All the best you guys ? keep up the good work

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